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Elaine (Pre-Purchase):

‘Based on the report, we were able to negotiate a $3,500 reduction in the sale price.’

Greg (Pre-Purchase):

‘Mate, your report was the most informative I have seen.  The current owner repaired all of the items that would have amounted to thousands of $!’

Phil (Staged Inspection):

‘(Name removed) is returning to fix all of the construction issues before the next payment. Thanks for helping at such short notice and for the really detailed report.’

YW (Staged Inspection):

‘I cannot believe that (name removed) actually argued with you about those roof tie down things not being installed.  Thanks for picking this up.  It really gives us peace of mind.’


Katie (Pre-Purchase):

‘Thank goodness you found the balcony issues. I shudder to think what could have happened to my kids if the seller didn’t get it repaired before we moved in.’ 

Dr S (Staged Inspection):

‘(Name removed) is such a big company. You would think they would have been on top of the structural issues you noted.’  

’X’ (Special Purpose - Structural):

‘Thanks for seeing this through to the SAT for us.  At the last moment, the builder has agreed to remedy all of the structural issues exactly as you recommended.’   

Phillip (Pre-Purchase):

‘Bloody awesome report.’  

I would love to have your testimonial here too.  If you require references, please advise and they will be provided. 


There are plenty more recommendations right here!

J (Pre-Purchase):

‘On time, friendly and I got the report in less 24 hours.  I really appreciate that after 3 months you are still taking my calls and giving me snippets of building advice.’   

Strata Manager (Special Purpose):

‘Craig, without your specialist input and knowledge the Council of Owners would never have received a favourable outcome with the State Administrative Tribunal.  On behalf of the Owners, thank you for your professionalism and respectful attitude and service.’  

Melina G (Pre-Purchase)

Craig recently helped me with the purchase of our first home.  Like many first time homebuyers, I've been as careful as possible throughout the whole process. I was impressed by his diligence and detail in the report. I had several questions pre, and post-inspection and he was more than happy to help.  Craig displays utmost professionalism, and I definitely recommend him!’


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