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Assistance to Resolve Disputes

It is unfortunate, but sometimes the communication between the owner and the builder breaks down.  When this happens and items are left in an unfinished manner, it is difficult to maintain good relationships and still get the desired outcome for all parties.  At the end of the day, most builders are reputable and want to keep you satisfied so that you will recommend them to your friends, colleagues and family.

If you have a concern with the condition of your building, contact PCMC.  We will attend the property and undertake an inspection.  While input from the client is always valued, it is a good idea in dispute settlement cases that only the nature of the concern be pointed out.  We will then look at the concern and give an honest opinion on whether it is minor or whether the builder has a responsibility to remedy.  A full report with unbiased recommendations will be provided.

Where your concern has merit and the builder refuses to rectify the issue, PCMC can help you thorough the mediation process that may include the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).  In this instance, PCMC can assist by providing the facts of the dispute and, if called upon, contribute to discussions to bring about a mediated solution.  The SAT process is a good forum as it allows disputing parties to come together and work towards a solution without having to go to the expense of engaging solicitors and waiting for it to be heard in a court. 

PCMC has assisted the SAT in the past.  Details can be sought by calling PCMC on the number shown.

It is not possible to give definitive costs for PCMC’s involvement for a good many reasons; not least of which is the nature of both parties and their willingness to settle the dispute.  However, on request, PCMC can provide a definitive cost for the initial report and advice.  Please call PCMC and provide as much detail as possible in order to determine an assessment of cost.

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