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What do you inspect:

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What is in your reports:

‘Pre-Purchase, ‘Pre-Handover’ and ‘Staged Construction’ reports are exceptionally comprehensive.

All items inspected are covered in the report; plus more.  For ‘Pre-Purchase’, ‘Pre-Handover’ and ‘Staged Construction’ inspections, (where most other companies provide a template ‘tick and flick’ sheet), PCMC provides a comprehensive and informative report that contains plenty of pictures and explanations in an easy to read format.  Unlike others, we do not just say that a problem has been identified; in the case of ‘Pre-Purchase’ inspections, we also say the likely causes and give methodologies on how to fix it so that it will not reoccur. 

‘Quick and Dirty’ reports will be an e-mail containing items found without any significant detail.  It may have photographs attached, but they will not form a part of the report structure. 

When will I get my report:

‘Pre-Purchase’, ‘Pre-Handover’ and ‘Staged Construction’ will be provided within 24 hours.  ‘Quick and Dirty’ reports will be provided within 12 hours.

How do we organise inspections:

Call.  Simply advise us the Agent’s contact details and say what date you would like the inspection undertaken and we will do the rest. 

Who undertakes inspections:

All of our inspections are undertaken by the owner of the company. He holds a Masters in Construction Management, Diploma in Engineering (Civil), an Associate Diploma in Administration and is a Registered Builder in Western Australia. 

What about insurance:

Unless you have appropriate qualifications and experience, you cannot get insurance.  We hold Workers’ Compensation, Professional Indemnity and All Risk (Public Liability) insurance policies. 


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